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From the smallest detail to the grandest scale, it's all about you and how you see your big day...

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Day Of Planning

If your the type that loves handling the details, let us help you bring it all together on your special day.

Corporate & Fundraisers

Elevate your events either for business or friends and family.  We help your vision come to life, with less stress and our special touch.



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Le Cape Weddings - Shelly and Gursh - Indian Wedding and Indian Reception-272-X3-1

It's your day...

Imagine waking up on your Wedding Day feeling all those nervous jitters, but knowing that everything is going to be ok.

Because you've found the right friend to walk beside you.

Wedding planning is so much more than simply doting over the details...

It's about all the craziness in your family meeting all the craziness in theirs!

It's about having incredible food on a palatable budget...

And dancing to your favorite songs with your favorite people.

It's about blessing your life together...

Cause hey...  You're getting married!


Meet your planner... Jankhana Desai

JD has been organizing spectacular events for over the past 2 decades...
As one of the pioneers of the local ‘Desi-Scene’, she founded East In Motion Productions to host south asian events.
Over the years she built the brand into a series of legendary ‘Bhangra’ parties, which peaked as a monthly Saturday night at the newly minted House of Blues.
Then in 2004 she moved to India to work in both Bollywood and TV.
She took on a production role with FBC working within the boom of Reality TV, with such projects such as Lakhme Fashion House featuring Donetella Versace.
Her time spent in the entertainment industry exposed her to both the grit and glamour of the entertainment world, as well as the demands of staging the perfect live event.
As mother of two beautiful boys, she has brought her expertise back to Chicago, and focused on the regal and captivating Indian Wedding space.
Working along side the best event planners in Chicago, including Alankar, Sabrina Hans Events, Events by Nissar, and Abricoe, where she is now the Managing Partner, she has cultivated both a network of the finest resources, and a style and personality that’s all her own.
‘In the end it’s all about the bride and groom on their special day...
My job is to make the stress fade away.’
~ JD

Next Steps...

Please feel free to reach out and see if we are the perfect fit!

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“Simply the most incredible day!  JD was amazing through the whole thing, and I’ll always thank her for everything.”  – Shilpa 8/14/18


“I’m her biggest fan!  Jd has you covered from start to finish.  My mom and dad couldn’t be happier and it was the most beautiful day.  Thanks JD!”  – Rosie  9/4/18


“The room looked amazing, and the food was awesome!  We had the most incredible time!” – Roshni